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    Hi, I'm Theresa, the coach behind 9 PLUS FITNESS.

    I am here to enable women to run and move through all seasons of life, not excluding those 9 dynamic months preparing for motherhood, and beyond.




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    Becca - North Carolina

    Local Runner

    Theresa is wonderful to work with.

    After feeling stagnant in my training, I decided to start training with a coach and I'm so glad that I did. She put together

    a manageable, but challenging plan

    for the Runner's World Half Festival Grand Slam (26.2 over 4 races in 3 days). My goal was a 10K PR and to enjoy the other 3 distances (3.8 mile trail run, 5K, and half marathon).

    I'd never done a multi-day event

    and was nervous about becoming injured in the process.

    Theresa made adjustments to the plan as needed

    (aches, illness, and travel). I appreciated

    her willingness to come up with 

    a plan that worked for my often chaotic life (working mom with a husband who travels).

    She was nothing but

    positive and supportive

    of me throughout the training cycle and it was so nice to have a cheerleader. I loved our Wednesday speed workouts,

    as it gave me time to check in with her about my progress and get pushed harder by her speedy legs. I had a fantastic race weekend and came away with a 23 second 10K PR!

    I am so glad to have Theresa as a coach and friend.

    Theresa is incredible to work with!

    As a college cheerleader, I've always been athletic, but I was never a runner. However, following my first 10-miler in April 2018, I decided to take the leap and train for my first marathon.


    Despite my lofty goal, Theresa was eager to work with me and facilitate my training program. From the beginning, she listened to my needs and preferences including my timeline, training style, workout routine, etc. in order to create a personal training plan for me. She checked in at least once a week on my progress and adjusted my training plan based on my feedback.


    Through an injury, multiple vacations, and my hectic grad school schedule, Theresa was there every step of the way encouraging me and pushing me toward my goal.


    Leading up to race day, she took the time to go through every single detail with me and prepare me for what to expect.


    I am 100% sure I could not have completed 26.2 without her coaching and guidance. Theresa didn't just teach me how to cross the finish line, she taught me how to be a true runner!

    Stephanie - North Carolina

    1st Marathon


    Evelyn - Maine

    1st Marathon - 3:25, BQ

    Hiring Theresa as a coach was 

    the key factor 

    in helping me train successfully

    for and complete my first marathon!


    I've signed up for a couple half marathons in the past few years

    but have never been able to make it to the start line

    because of injuries.


    Theresa identified the right training volume and mix to help me not only be able to show up on race day but also to successfully meet my goal time.


    Throughout the training cycle, we kept in

    regular contact and Theresa was always there to 

    answer any questions I had.


    I'm so excited to keep working with her

    as I train for my next races!

    Jean - Maryland

    Working with Theresa has a been such a great experience!  

    I had approached Theresa 10 months ago after a

    frustrating year of training on my own

    and feeling a little lost with my running post-kids.  

    I also had a goal of returning to the marathon

    after a 10-year break but was unsure if it was attainable.


    Theresa put together a strength and running program that not only improved my endurance and speed but showed me that marathon training can be done with a busy home and work life (and I did finish that marathon!). 


    Strength training in particular was new for me – and very intimidating.  Theresa customized a strength program that soon had me comfortable with weight training and feeling strong in my running.   Now, I enjoy it so much and can’t imagine running without it.  

    Thank you Theresa, I’m grateful to have found you!


    CARY, NC



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